*Void where prohibited by law. Said contest shall be judged by an appointed judging committee subject to and appointed by said proprietors of the "pumpkin carving contest" hereafter referred to as "contest." Pumpkin carvings created either in entirety or to any extent based on commercial patterns or “helper templates”, or that in any way appear to be pre-carved, i.e. in any way, shape, or form have been altered, drawn on, or marked upon in any other manner prior to the commencement of the “contest”, shall be summarily void from any participation in the “contest” other than the reception of verbal compliments or harangues and shall not be considered as valid “contest” entries. If a HOME-MADE stencil is used the entry will be deemed acceptable but any and all pumpkins carved with the use of store-bought, internet downloaded, or commercial stencils of any kind will be appreciated but ABSOLUTELY VOID from eligibility for contest awards. (Pre-scooping of the vegetable is the only acceptable deviation from the above captioned statement).

Appointment to judging committee in no way entitles or allots to said appointee any claim to or determination of final judgement toward winners of "contest." Winners of contest shall receive as full and total compensation for their participation in and winning of "contest" a prize consisting of enormous personal reward and goodwill, numerous complimentary sentiments, other loosely drawn compliments, the potential for death threats and vicious vendettas, and the aforementioned unlimited quantity of self-fulfillment and actualization (results may vary, all self-fulfillment and actualization goals are the sole responsibility of the contestant and the proprietors of the “contest” make no warranty or guarantee regarding your actual results).

Contest is open to family and team entries, provided that the entry when submitted is clearly designated as a team effort by all involved parties. Failure to provide such designation will result in the entry being credited only to the sole entity who places it in the judging area and thus officially submits the entry.

Contestants may explore the medium in any manner they feel is artistic and contributes to the contest. The medium is defined as : “a pumpkin of botanic origins, and of any shape, size, or texture, or any combination of multiple pumpkins of botanic origins. The primary medium MAY be supplemented with other materials/forms but any entry completely lacking in traces of botanic pumpkin origin will be summarily ruled ineligible.

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