And the winners are....

We Can hear the griping (AND the GLOATING) already but we've had plenty of time for careful review and this one still stands out. The entry, By Chuck Pena, entitled "Famous Flying Ace" takes FIRST PLACE for its clear representation, near-perfect lighting, and precise carving technique. Cartoon lines can communicate a lot, and the pumpkin media is no exception. Well done Chuck, the honor is yours!

The SECOND PLACE rank for 2001 is awarded to "Dan Osman, representing the Osmans" and is entitled "The Devil Made Me Do It." We're looking at excellent use of the sillouhette complimented by precise and clean carving allowing the image to project clearly. Nicely done Dan. We're hoping you won't have your hands too full with Jacob to be a contender in 2002.

It's no surprise that once again we have top placement from the "younger crowd." THIRD PLACE for this contest is awarded to Katharine Horn for her entry entitled "The Looker (he looks at you always)." We know you've heard it before but more complicated DOES NOT mean better. This simple design was super spooky. The eyes DO seem to follow you and there are no distractions here. This pumpkin sets an example in minimalism. Quite haunting. Way to go Katharine!

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