With Honorable Mentions to...

As always, Amoroso presents us with an impeccable example of the potential in the medium. This untitled entry has amazing detail, great use of texture, and super layering with multiple carving depths. A shining example for all would-be contenders to study. Unfortunately, as a professional artist, Amoroso cannot qualify. It would be just too discouraging for the rest of the participants. Thank's for your contribution Jack.

Now this is what we call really putting your head into the project. John Kaufman,our 1999 Champion, representing the Poinciana Group and with excellent support from Kathy Kaufman, literally freaked people out with his grotesque yet powerful entry entitled "Living, Breathing Pumpkin." Not much carving skill involved here, but a whole lot of commitment. Super effort gang. How long did it take to get those pumpkin guts off of your face?

Stacey and Emmie Steig presented this excellent contribution, entitled "Hanging Lanterns." As always, the Steig powerhouse throws in an original entry. Carving skills and design are adequate, but the introduction of a completely new concept within the medium earns them this honorable mention. Nice work. Thanks for keeping us all thinking and getting us "out of the box."

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