The Winner of this year's Contest is

Mr. John Kaufman

with his entry entitled

"Cyber-Pumpkin 3.0"

For years, John has been struggling to demonstrate that technology has a place in the contest. However, whether utilizing poor circuit design or falling back on cheap pyrotechnic tricks (smoke and mirrors without the mirrors), John has always failed to capture the interest of the judges.

This year though, John finally integrated the technology into a usable configuration and held the audience and judges alike in awe of his presentation. Congratulations John!

There is a caveat though. As can be expected from a professional in the computer solutions industry, John failed to create his presentation using "open source" practices. Thus, despite being a "wired" presentation, "Cyber-Pumpkin 3.0" could not be easily ported to function on the World Wide Web. The presentation above represents only the visual aspect of John's entry. Those of you with a fast connection (56k or better) and a bit of patience, may see the presentation in its original form, including audio, by clicking on the "Go For It" button below and patiently waiting for the download.